About us

Versaco s.r.o. is young, but fast growing company. The main idea at its establishment was to bring something new to the market and to offer the highest possible quality of products and services. Together with our partners, we offer our customers only the best from the car industry.

In a relatively short period of time, our company has become one of the leading manufacturers of wheel covers. Our main aim is to satisfy every customer, even the most demanding one. The aim of our company is to build a strong position on the market and our professional approach to customers proves it. Participation in the European market is our biggest priority and we believe that the quality of our products will impress many of our future customers and that we achieve our mutual contentment. We are looking forward to our cooperation.


Thanks to our previous experience with the market offer and knowledge of customer’s  needs and expectations, we were able to create a unique wheel covers collection. Each product undergoes a strict quality control and for this reason we hope to fulfill our client’s expectations. The choice of premium quality materials and production technologies is the guarantee of customer’s satisfaction.

Wheel covers are produced from the premium quality ABS material. This material is well known for its stability, hardness and resistance against mechanical damage or weather. Hardness of this material and its heat resistance can be modified by special treatment. It is a revolutionary material which gained its popularity not only in car electro-technical industry but also in other fields where a specific quality of plastic is needed. Due to the usage of ABS plastic we have reached our aim that our wheel covers are strong, but flexible, weather resistant and designed to fullfil the motorists’ dreams. Thanks to our advanced technology and acquired production experience there is almost no waste in the production process.

Painting system – Colours

Our wheel covers are available in three different colour finishes. All our models can be painted silver, graphite or black. Our quality water-based paints are equal to or superior to the solvent-based equivalents. Their main advantage is that they are environmentally friendly.